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Parts and Service Forums

ADS makes it easy for you and your colleagues to interact with the ADS network to get the technical answers and parts you need. With a single email sent, the diesel service industry is ready to help you serve your clients. More information about the forums and how to use them are located in the members only area. Need help using this service? Call 816.285.0810 or email


Parts Forum

As a member benefit, ADS offers an Online Parts Forum that will help your company:

  • Save valuable time searching for hard to find parts.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by getting your customers' vehicles or fuel systems back to them in a shorter amount of time.

For example, if your Central and the manufacturer do not have the part you need and it's on a 130 day back order, post your request to the ADS PARTS FORUM. This forum will reach ADS members in good standing around the GLOBE and you will have your answer in minutes, not days!

This forum allows members to post messages for parts requests and, like the ADS Service Forum, is for members only. 

Note: These posts are for backordered or hard to find parts only!


Drive-In Service Forum

The ADS Drive-In Service Forum is available for members to connect with one another, compare notes, exchange information, post questions, share knowledge and experiences all with the common goal of helping members to be more effective in the workplace.

The ADS Drive-In Service Forum is a member benefit. Members may post questions online to initiate a discussion with other members. Becoming a member of ADS means belonging to a community of like-minded professionals. The ADS Drive-In Service Forum is a powerful tool for sharing knowledge among members.

See forums Terms of Use.