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Henry B. Sirotek Memorial Award

The Association of Diesel Specialists established the Henry B. Sirotek Memorial Award in 1963 to honor the memory of the second president of ADS. The award is presented to a Service Member whose efforts have produced significant advances either within the association or the industry. To qualify, a Service Member must have been active in and supportive of ADS programs, provided excellent customer service of craftsman standards and with ethical practices, and worked from a facility which is well-equipped and maintained.


2004 – Harry Ellison
2001 - Harry Moore
1998 - James E. Blewitt
1995 - Steve Bailey
1994 - Bruce Gerhardt
1992 - Eugene H. Schey
1990 - Victoria B. Jackson
1989 - Cliff Chapple
1987 - A. Fred Schroeter
1986 - Arthur Walz
1984 - Loyd Loveseth
1983 - Alton C. Deans*
1982 - K. Roland Krohne*
1981 - Harry W. Vogler
1979 - Marshall Hatch
1978 - G. O. Reggio, Jr.
1977 - George J. Heinz*
1976 - Fred Holmes*
1974 - V. J. DâAversa*
1973 - Fred Traulsen
1971 - L. M. "Red" Ottenad*
1969 - Herb Wittersheim*
1966 - Lloyd A. Bailey
1964 - Stan E. Franklin*
1963 - Manuel A. Gerhardt

* deceased


Henry Ortner Jr. Memorial Technical Award

The Henry Ortner Jr. Technical Service Award was established in 1982 to honor the Association of Diesel Specialists first technical advisor. The award is presented to an individual or company from any category of membership that has provided constant and diligent technical service to both the industry and ADS.  Following Ortner's death in 1988, the ADS Board of Directors renamed the award the Henry Ortner Jr. Memorial Technical Award.


2013 - Paul Thoms
2006 – Andy Girres
2005 - Cam Mandel
2004 – Mike Ruffing & Dennis Frey
2000 - Harry Moore
1998 - Charles D. Varco
1996 - Stanadyne Automotive Corp.
1995 - Diesel Systems Division
1994 - James N. Britton
1993 - Cummins Engine Company
1991 - Mike Rayne
1989 - Harold W. Berk
1987 - Stan E. Franklin*
1985 - Lloyd A. Bailey
1982 - Robert Bosch Corp. 

* deceased


Ing. Alfredo Christlieb Ibarrola Award

Ing. Alfredo Christlieb Ibarrola was the founder of the Mexican ADS group in 1961. The Ing. Alfredo Christlieb Ibarrola Award was established in 1989 by a committee composed of Francisco Resendiz, Armando Rocha and Rubén Flores, in addition to the Central & South American Committee Chair who at that time was Ing. Jesús Trigos.

The award can be given to a company or individual person of any nationality. Awards are presented one per occasion and providing there is someone deserving of the award. Awarded during the ADS Latin American Regional meeting.


  1. Emphasize to an International level the presence, work and contribution the ADS Central and South American Committee is making to the ADS Headquarters in Kansas City.
  2. In recognition to the merits in favor of the Latin American ADS Group.


  • 20 or more years without interruption of affiliation to the Latin American ADS.
  • Recruitment of new Latin American members.
  • Relevant work in other areas assisting the Latin American committee.


2017 Charles Oliveros
2015 Victor Polanco
2013 Ricardo Berrueta
2012 Juan Espinosa
2011 Manfred Kuhn
2009 David Fehling
2008 Armando Rojas
2007 Edgar Cruz
2006 Jose Luis Sigrist R.
2005  Sergio Flores M.
2004  Ing. Adreas Hammer
2003  Harry Moore
2002 Ing. Jorge Contreras
2001 Francisco Resendiz
2000 Lic. Sergio Lavalle A.
1999 Ruben Diaz S.
1998 Franklin J. Chu
1997 Ing. Roberto Sanchez Y.
1996 Ing. Jesus Trigos G.
1995 Roberto Regalado
1994 Leandro Rodriguesz
1993 Ing. James Holden S.
1992 Hermann Loose
1991 Ruben Flores Z.
1989 Ing. Fred Traulsen G.