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2020 Training Seminar
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Training Seminar

with Tony Salas

Sunday, January 26, 2020 1PM - 4PM

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Diesel Diagnostics, what is the future for drive-in service?
2020 brings forth another new year for the diesel repair industry. Challenges continue to cause the drive-in service repair industry issues. These issues can include equipment needed, procedures to follow, pricing of parts, quality of parts and skills needed to be competitive.

Tony Salas, training instructor and active master diesel technician, will review where the diesel industry is at currently. This review will involve the new models released this year and present diagnostic issues that are faced which includes the new Jeep 3.0L diesel engine, the Cummins 5.0L engine, Ford’s new 3.0L engine offered as an option on the F-150, and other newly released models. He will evaluate with you the common systems found on these applications, from common rail fuel systems to the turbocharging systems used. Aftertreatment systems will be viewed and reviewed.

The second portion of this presentation will review case studies of light and medium duty diagnostics scenarios using current day examples. Duramax and RAM NOx issues will be presented as well as Ford 6.7L fuel contamination issues. Tony will also review CP 4 pump preventative repairs to avoid pump failure.

As new technology is released for pick-ups and trucks, an update is needed for where a drive-in service facility is at and where it will need to be in the future to remain relevant, competitive and successful.