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2019 ADS Convention Keynote Speaker
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ADS Keynote Speaker July 31, 2019



No More Struggle Between Your Personal and Professional Self

Reflecting back to time spent with one of his professional role models, Sam Walton, Harry S. Campbell takes the tenants of servant leadership and infuses them with his own business philosophies developed while working at Fortune 500 companies including Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Sprint, as well as smaller private companies. What results is an empowering and fresh approach to managing people and business that Campbell calls Get-Real Leadership.

Inside Get-Real Leadership (February 2012, Outlook Partners, $10.00), Campbell ushers in a new era of accountability, urging readers to Get Real with themselves, their motivations, and their beliefs:


Get Real with yourself by knowing who you are and what you stand for—both professionally and personally—then choose to operate by those values.

Get Real with the people around you, including coworkers, family members, and friends, by inspiring everyone with optimism, respect, and caring.

Get Real about business by becoming a results-driven leader and adopting the competitive spirit to create profitability and a productive and communicative work environment.

Get Real by living in the Here and Now. A marketer at heart with more than 25-years experience leading successful big-name brands, Campbell implements the core principles of marketing to distill his Get-Real approach to life and business leadership.

• Use personal branding to Get Real. Campbell suggests soliciting for 360-degree anonymous feedback. “Ideally you want seven stand-alone words that describe you” explains Campbell. “My seven words are consistently: team-oriented, positive, tenacious, optimistic, curious, mischievous, and impatient..”

• Create your personal brand. Establish personal connection to those seven words and allow them to inspire and motivate you. The words exist as they are given and serve to describe your personal brand. Discounting, or choosing to ‘ignore’ less-favorable words runs counter to the Get-Real Leadership philosophy.

• Share your personal brand. Allow people to get to know the real you and motivate others to be real.

• Use your brand. Drive decision-making and effect results by staying true to your core beliefs and values, while encouraging others to do the same.

In Get-Real Leadership, Campbell demonstrates how to generate wildly successful business results by creating trust, respect, and caring in your team while remaining true to who you really are and what matters to you most.



Harry S. Campbell is a senior executive with a strong track record of success over nearly three decades.Campbell has been a President for two Fortune 500 companies, co-owner of an award-winning small business, CEO/Board member of an Internet start-up and founding member of the industry-changing Wal-Mart/P&G Customer Team.

He has driven exceptional people and business results in organizations of 5 to 3,500 employees in a broad range of industries from consumer-packaged goods to telecom to sports marketing to digital media. He is known as an identifier, developer and motivator of exceptional talent at all levels of the organization.

Campbell’s views on leadership and business management were forged at P&G where he worked in Brand Management on Crest, Pepto-Bismol and Metamucil. While with P&G, Campbell was picked to be a founding member of the P&G/Wal-Mart Customer Team based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. After seven years with P&G, in 1992 Campbell joined Sprint. While there, he served in several leadership roles, culminating in his being appointed president of the multi-billion dollar Consumer Long Distance unit in 2002. His final role with Sprint was as president of the Emerging and Mid-Markets business unit in which he was responsible for selling to and servicing business customers across the country in the mid-market, small-market and local government arenas.

From 2005 to 2009, Campbell led the Consumer Markets Division at Embarq. Purchased by CenturyTel and now known as CenturyLink, Embarq was a Fortune 400 company with revenue of $6B. As president of Embarq’s largest division, Campbell was responsible for marketing, sales, service and support for communication and entertainment services to 4 million customers in 18 states.

His other senior management experience spanned distinctly different industries. He served as president/CEO of uclick, a digital syndication company that packaged and distributed branded content, comics and word games on the web. Uclick represented over 110 features such as Garfield, Dear Abby, FoxTrot and Doonesbury. He was also co-owner of MAI, a sports marketing agency that was recognized as the 1998 Business of the Year by the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

Most recently, Campbell spent 5 years as the CEO of Durrie Vision, a world-class refractive eye surgery center.
Campbell has a passion for speaking on leadership to companies, groups and organizations. His books, Get-Real Leadership and Get-Real Culture, are available on Amazon and via Kindle. He donates 100% of his gross speaking fees and book royalties to brain cancer research in honor of his wife, Kris.

Campbell holds a bachelor's degree in East Asian History and Economics from Vanderbilt University (where he held the school record for the 10K for 35 years!) and an MBA from Indiana University's Kelley Graduate School of Business. Campbell is active in several local charities and serves on the board of Head for the Cure.