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Questions when getting your vehicle serviced

March 2018
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As a diesel owner you may need to ask questions specifically for your type of vehicle.  Below are a few questions we have gathered to help you have a better conversation with your diesel service provider.

  • When should I change my oil? After how many miles? is that any different from a gasoline engine?
  • Is today’s diesel engines clean like they claim to be?
  • Could you check for computer updates needed for my vehicle?
  • Could you check the condition of my vehicle's batteries and battery connections? Poor batteries can damage expensive replacement parts; example, FICMs
  • Will you please check my Diesel Exhaust Fluid level?
  • Do you recommend a Diesel Additive so I can get increased mileage and performance?
  • Will you do a complete inspection of my vehicle?
  • Will you call me before any repairs are made with a estimate?
  • Are your mechanics ASE certified?
  • Are you a full service facility?
  • Will my vehicle be returned to me with all the fluids topped off?
  • What type of oil do you use?
  • When can I pick my vehicle up?