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ADS Technical Training

Keeping up with Demand

Keeping up with Demand

How will your shop and your technicians keep up with the changes in the diesel fuel-injection and diesel car /truck industry? Training is the answer, and ADS’s On-Engine Training is ready to support you with the knowledge and know-how necessary to successfully deal with the newest technologies.

As an industry leader dedicated to the highest levels of service, ADS realizes how important employing highly trained technicians is to your bottom line. That is why ADS offers a variety of training courses on subjects and applications taught by the best trainers in our industry, experts in their fields, individuals who work on these applications on a daily basis, offering attendees not only theory but real-world, hands-on experience.

The Power of YOU

ADS’s On-Engine Training Courses are geared toward diesel technicians who hold some degree of fuel-injection pump, injector and turbocharger repair knowledge. Hands-on training is provided on live engines and vehicles in most cases and teaches the servicing of the units and the use of applicable software or scan tools to analyze operation.

The Power of HOSTING

Service shops looking to give a little something back to the industry and ADS are encouraged to become hosts. Shops that host not only receive a sense of gratification, they also gain recognition from industry peers, receive promotion through ADS by being listed as a training course host and can receive one complimentary training-course registration (upon request).


Expand your shop’s possibilities and advance your skills knowledge. Register your technicians for one or more ADS On-Engine Training Courses today. Or contact ADS for customized training if your training needs are not being met. Courses are offered through the year in various locations. For more information, contact ADS at 816.285.0810 or

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming classes are listed below.  You can also go here to see a full list of classes.

Buy a diesel save $20,000 over 5 years?

From Diesel Technology Forum Diesel car and truck buyers are finding that their vehicles are actually holding on to their value more than a comparable gasoline model. According to a new study, after five years of ownership, the total cost of owning some diesel models may actually be almost $20,000 less than a gasoline counterpart.Continue Reading

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