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Issue Archive

Nozzle Chatter is the Association's award winning newsletter and a benefit to our members. The newsletter focuses on a variety of news, tips and information on the diesel industry.


Each issue of Nozzle Chatter contains information that will encourage the exchange of ideas among members; provide a forum for discussion and debate; allow for the fostering of new relationships and contacts; provide members with the knowledge and expertise of colleagues  and provide immediate access to information concerning training materials and publications through monthly reviews.

Nozzle Chatter is published 5 times annually

ADS publishes Nozzle Chatter in both an online and magazine style print. This valuable resource contains association and industry news.

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Buy a diesel save $20,000 over 5 years?

From Diesel Technology Forum Diesel car and truck buyers are finding that their vehicles are actually holding on to their value more than a comparable gasoline model. According to a new study, after five years of ownership, the total cost of owning some diesel models may actually be almost $20,000 less than a gasoline counterpart.Continue Reading

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