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Parts Forum

NEW!!! ADS Parts Forum

NEW!!! ADS Parts Forum

ADS is excited to announce a new service for our members! Starting today we have an Online Parts Forum that will help your company save valuable time searching for hard to find parts and increase customer satisfaction by getting their  vehicle or fuel system back to them in a shorter amount of time. This forum, like the one used for service issues, is for members only and members will be able to post messages to this forum for parts they are looking for. These parts are not to be ones available through Central Distributors in a timely fashion. THESE POSTS ARE FOR BACKORDERED OR HARD TO FIND PARTS ONLY!

Can't Find that Part

For example, your Central does not have the part you need, he in turn calls the manufacturer, and they do not have it, you are told it’s on 130 day back order.  Your Central contacts other Centrals and no response. Instead of waiting the 130 days, send it out on the PARTS FORUM, this forum will reach ADS MEMBERs in good standing around the GLOBE and you will have your answer in minutes, not days!

Find it Today!

If you are a member send an e-mail to today and find the part you are looking for!

Posting about available parts is not allowed.

Please read the Terms of Use.  If you have questions please e-mail Lea Ann at Headquarters. We hope you will find this a valuable service!

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