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Association of Diesel Specialists
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About ADS

About ADS

The Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS) is the worldwide diesel industry's leading trade association, dedicated to the highest level of service on diesel fuel injection and related systems. Members are located throughout the world and consist of independent repair shops specializing in diesel fuel injection, drive-in, governor and turbocharger service. Members also encompass original equipment manufacturer (OEM), manufacturers and distributors of replacement parts and allied equipment and schools offering programs in diesel mechanic training.

To members, ADS means worldwide recognition by diesel owners and operators and an industry support network. To member's customers, ADS signifies a network of professionals dedicated to the achievement of high-caliber service. View all member benefits.

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From Diesel Technology Forum Diesel car and truck buyers are finding that their vehicles are actually holding on to their value more than a comparable gasoline model. According to a new study, after five years of ownership, the total cost of owning some diesel models may actually be almost $20,000 less than a gasoline counterpart.Continue Reading

Our Vision<br /> Statement

Our Vision

We, the membership of the Association of Diesel Specialists, see ourselves as the leading international organization of professionals that provides sales and expert service for yesterdays, today’s and tomorrow’s diesel systems.

Our goal is to be the complete resource for training, technical service information, member promotion and networking opportunities.

Our Association encourages participation at all levels of membership and is operated with the highest level of fiscal integrity.

We embrace the economical, durable and clean diesel engine as one of the key elements for addressing global pollution and fossil fuel depletion.

Green<br />Statement


The Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS) believes in the future of clean diesel as part of an environmental solution to global greenhouse gas issues. ADS believes in the future of the inherently more efficient clean diesel power plant as a method of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. ADS applauds the work of engine manufacturers in their efforts to continuously reduce emissions in diesel engines to near infinitesimal levels. ADS believes that the use of clean diesel will improve the sustainability of consumers, businesses and communities by reducing the environmental and societal cost of their activities.
ADS does not condone the use of devices made to intentionally contravene emission controls for use in equipment or vehicles used on a regular basis. ADS believes that intentionally bypassing or altering emission controls in the name of performance enhancement undermines individual and group efforts to promote the use of clean diesel as a viable alternative power plant for the future.